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Deja vous

By on May 23, 2011 in Ethiopia with No Comments

I cannot believe it.  My luggage is lost again.  Just mine.  To make matters worse, it is somewhere between Sierra Leone and Ethiopia – so that leaves a lot of links to go wrong. We are only spending two days in Ethiopia and in a different place each night in Rwanda, so I may never receive it.

There was a small café in Ghana, where we had a six hour layover.




 Ghana hot chocolate



 Turkey sandwich

 Chicken sandwich



 Chocolate croissant


 Sausage roll

Ensuing Conversation:

 “Can I have a mocha please?”

“We don’t have that.”

“Can I have a Ghana hot chocolate please?”

“We don’t have that.”

“Okay.  Can I have a turkey sandwich please?”

“We don’t have that.”

“Can I have a chocolate croissant please?”

“We don’t have that.”

“Can I have a croissant please?”

“We don’t have that.”

“Can I have a cinnabun please?”

“We don’t have that.”


“I guess I’ll have a sausage roll then.”


The Dubai airport was crazy.  It is the biggest airport I have ever seen, blinding white, with thousands of duty free shops.  I got a massage in the spa as a treat, but fell asleep immediately so that was a bit of a waste of money.  I was expecting a lot of variety of food, and especially Middle Eastern food, but it was expensive and not very ethnic, so that was disappointing.  The airport was redeemed somewhat by the huge display of Anchor products in one of the duty free shops.

Now we are in Ethiopia.  Five hours.  We have already eaten a meal and it was absolutely delicious.  For excellent Eritrean food (very similar to Ethiopian) in San Francisco Google “Ethiopian food, Geary St”.  Our hotel is very nice too, although a bit in the middle of nowhere.  Ethiopia and Sierra Leone are like night and day.  You would think that two African countries would look more similar than an African country to the US, but I would say on first impression, Ethiopia is 80% like the US, while Sierra Leone is about 3% like Ethiopia.

Okay, so it looks like he just regurgitated, but it tasted delicious:

Differences between Freetown and Addis Ababa so far:

  • Addis Ababa has electricity
  • The internet works
  • There are restaurants
  • There are sidewalks
  • There is no dust
  • The roads are sealed
  • People live in buildings built at 90 degree angles with the ground
  • People live in buildings
  • Scaffolding is made of metal – not sticks (correction 2 days later – scaffolding is made of sticks)
  • Construction workers wear helmets and use measuring instruments
  • No street sellers or women with baskets on their heads
  • No strange smells
  • Hot water
  • Air conditioning
  • Low seventies during day (compared with mid/high eighties)
  • People more like city people – don’t say hello as you walk by
  • No children to be seen
  • No burst pipes
  • Trash cans
  • Cars drive on one side of the road
  • No motorcycles

I.e. rather boring in comparison.  But we’ve been here less than a day, so all that may change.

View from hotel room:

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