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Genocide worldwide

By on May 28, 2011 in Rwanda with No Comments

The memorial also dedicated a section towards some of the other genocides committed over the last century.

The Hereros 1904 – 1905

24,000 – 100,000 Herero killed, 10,000 Nama killed

Denial of the genocidal campaign has been widespread, particularly among the 25,000 Namibians of German descent, because of a fear of land claims. The German government has avoided describing the atrocities as ‘genocide’ and, while expressing regrets, has failed to apologize directly for the events of 1904.

“I wipe out rebellious tribes with streams of blood and streams of money. Only following this cleansing can something new emerge.”
– Lothar Von Trotha

Armenia 1915 – 1918

1.5 million killed

“The [Turkish] government has decided to destroy all the Armenians living in the Empire. An end must be put to their existence, however criminal the measure taken may be, and no regard must be paid to age, or sex, or conciencious scruple.”

– first published in the London Daily Telegraph, reporting on the Memoirs of Naim Bey, compiled by Aram Andonian, 1965


Cambodia 1975 – 1979

1.7- 2.5 million killed



 “Since he is of no use anymore, there is no gain if he lives, and no loss if he dies.” – Pol Pot


The Balkans 1990s

Over 100,000 killed, over 2.2 million displaced

Serbian policies urged soldiers to rape Bosnian women until they became pregnant as an attempt towards ethnic cleansing. Serbian soldiers hoped to force Bosnian women to carry Serbian children through repeated rape. Often Bosnian women were held in captivity for an extended period of time and only released slightly before the birth of a child born of rape. – Claudia Card, “Rape as a weapon of War”, 1996 – Beverly Allen, “Rape Warfare: The Hidden Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.”


Germany 1938 – 1945

6 million Jews killed



“The Ten Commandments have lost their validity.  Conscience is a Jewish invention, it is a blemish like circumcision.”

– Adolf Hitler, 1923

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