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The Children

By on May 28, 2011 in Rwanda with No Comments

Francine Murengezi Ingabire


Age: 12

Favorite sport: Swimming

Favorite food: Eggs and chips

Favorite drink: Milk and Fanta tropical

Best friend: Her older sister Claudette

Cause of death: Hacked by machete


Bernadin Kambanda Age: 17

Favorite sport: Football

Favorite drink: Tea

Favorite food: Rice

Character: Clever at school

Cause of death: Killed by machete at Nyamata church


David Mucibaneza

Age: 10

Favorite sport: Football

Enjoyed: Making people laugh

Dream: Becoming a doctor

Last words: “UNAMIR [United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda] will come for us”

Cause of death: Tortured to death


Ariane Umutoni

Age: 4

Favorite food: Cake

Favorite drink: Milk

Enjoyed: Singing and dancing

Behavior: A neat little girl

Cause of death: Stabbed in her eyes and head


Nadia Chanelle Ruterana Kanyange

Age: 8

Favorite sport: Jogging with her father

Favorite sweets: Chocolate

Favorite drink: Milk

Favorite song: My Native Land which God Chose for me

Enjoyed: TV and music

Cause of death: Hacked by machete


Fidele Ingabire

Age: 9

Favorite sport: Football

Favorite food: Chips

Enjoyed: TV and the company of other children

Said: ‘Gusenga’-‘pray’ during the genocide

Cause of death: Shot in the head


Irene Umutoni

Age: 6


Age: 7

Relationship: Sisters

Favorite toy: A doll they shared

Favorite food: Fresh fruit

Behavior: Daddy’s girls

Cause of death: A grenade thrown in their shower


Aurore Kirezi

Age: 2

Favorite drink: Cow’s milk

Favorite game: Hide-and-seek games with her big brother

Behavior: Very talkative

Cause of death: Burnt alive at the Gikondo Chapel


Yvonne Uwera

Age: 5

Yves Mugisha

Age: 3

Relationship: Brother and sister

Yvonne’s favorite drink: Tea with milk

Yves’ favorite food: Chips

Behavior: Yvonne Daddy’s girl and Yves Mummy’s boy

Cause of death: Hacked by machete at grandmothere’s house


Fillette Uwse

Favorite toy: Doll

Favorite food: Rice and chips

Best friend: Her Dad

Behavior: A good girl

Cause of death: Smashed against a wall


Theirry Ishimwe

Age: 9 months

Favorite drink: Mother’s milk

Behavior: Cries a lot

Cause of death: Machete in his Mother’s arms


Note:  Some of the images look younger than the age at death because the families did not have recent photos.


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