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The Genocide

By on May 28, 2011 in Rwanda with No Comments


In 100 days more than 1,000,000 people were murdered.

10,000 each day.

400 each hour.

7 each minute.

Every minute of the day someone, somewhere, was being murdered, screaming for mercy. Receiving none.

Women forced to kill their own children

Children forced to kill their friends

Families totally wiped out, with no one to remember or document their deaths

Victims with tendons cut so they could not run away – made to wait helplessly to be clubbed, raped or cut by machete

Thrown alive down deep latrines – rocks thrown in one at a time until the screams subsided into silence. Victims trampling each other to death, ten bodies deep.

The genocide was to be complete; no survivors were to remain. Cities, fields, swamps, forests and hills were all searched for escapes and survivors.

In the forested hills of Bisesero, Tutsis came from across the region to fight back. They fought with sticks and rocks against gunxs, grenades, and machetes.  Of the 50,000 that took refuge in the hills, 1,000 survive.

But death was not the only outcome 

Tens of thousands tortured and mutilated

500,000 women raped – often by known HIV infected males, some were forced to work as sex slaves, others had their breasts cut off, or sharp objects stuck up their vaginas

Tens of thousands more suffered machete cuts, bullet wounds, infection and starvation

Over 300,000 orphans

The streets were littered with corpses.

Dogs were eating the rotting flesh of their owners.

The country smelt of the stench of death.

The genocidaires had been more successful in their evil aims than anyone would have dared believe.

Rwanda was dead.


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