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The Ten Commendments of the Bahutu

By on May 28, 2011 in Rwanda with No Comments


The Ten Commendments of the Bahutu

Published in Kangura Newspaper in 1990


1. Hutus must know that the Tutsi wife, wherever she may be, is serving the Tutsi ethnic group. In consequence, any Hutu who does the following is a traitor:

– Acquires a Tutsi wife

– Acquires a Tutsi mistress

– Acquires a Tutsi secretary or dependent


2. All Hutus must know that our Bahutukazi daughters are more worthy and more beautiful, good secretaries and more sincere!


3. Bahutukazi, be vigilant and bid your husbands, brothers and sons to come to their senses.


4. All Hutus must know that all Tutsis are dishonest in business. Their only goal is ethnic superiority. In consequence, any Hutu who does the following is a traitor:

– whoever makes alliance with the Batutsi in business

– whoever invests his money or state money in a Mututsi’s company

– whoever lends money or borrows it from a Mututsi

– whoever grants favors to Batutsi in business (granting of import license, bank loans, building parcel, public tender offers…)


5. The strategic political, administrative, economical, military and security positions must be reserved for the Bahutu.


6. Urwego rw’uburezi rugomba kwiganzamo Abahutu.


7. The Rwandan Aremed Forces must be exclusively Hutu. The war experience in 1990 teaches us this lesson. No military man should marry a Tutsi woman.


8. The Bahutu must stop taking pity on the Tutsi.



– The Bahutu, wherever they are, must be united, interdependent and worried about their Bahutu brothers’ fate.

– The Bahutu from the insides and outside of Rwanda must constantly look for friends and allies for The Hutu Cause, beginning by their Bantu brothers.

– They must constantly oppose the Tutsi propaganda.

– The Bahutu must be strong and vigilant against their common Tutsi enemy.


10. The Social Revolution in 1959, the 1961 referendum, and the Hutu ideology, must be taught to the Bahutu at all levels. All Muhutu must widely spread this message. Every Muhutu who persecutes his Muhutu brother is a traitor, for his brother has read, spread and taught this ideology.


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