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The world stands still

By on May 28, 2011 in Rwanda with No Comments


Not one additional peacekeeper arrived in Rwanda before the war was over.

Belgian UN peacekeepers were evacuated at the start of the genocide.

General Romeo Dallaire told New York that as few as 5,000 troops were needed to instill peace.  Instead, the UN Security Council reduced assistance to 270 personal and limited its mandate. The number of troops used in the evacuation of diplomatic staff and foreign workers would have been enough to stop the genocide.

The UN later changed its position to send 5,500 men and to use all necessary force. This was based on the USA providing armored personnel carriers. By the time they arrived, the war was over.

The French military arrived before the end of the war, but had been responsible for arming and training the Rwandan armed forces during the civil war. While initially introduced to stop the killings, many Hutu militia saw them as allies. The French ‘Operation Turquoise’ provided a gateway into Zaire for the Hutus – including killers – who were fleeing the RPF.

The Red Cross and Medicins sans Frontieres were the only organizations that stayed.

The rest of the world withdrew.

And watched as a million people were slaughtered.

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