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By on June 5, 2011 in Sierra Leone with No Comments


Dubai, our last stopover before the long journey home. Our room had been booked so we were upgraded to a three bedroom apartment with a washing machine. Dubai full of towering skyscrapers wrapped, without exception, in mirror glass.  Contains tallest building in world.  Great to not have to white knuckle clutch purse to chest. Great to have running water, air conditioning, clean streets, and a variety of food. Not nearly as exciting as Africa though.


We hit the biggest mall, which was so huge we didn’t manage to walk around it. Included planetarium, aquarium, and ski slopes.


We figured out how to use the metro…

… and Ide got a haircut at a place called the Black Stallion. No happy ending though – bit disappointing for name like Black Stallion.

Best news of all was that after over two weeks, my luggage had shown up at our hotel. Ate scrumptious hummus, tabulleh, and kebabs four times in three days.  Had some delicious Indian food. Lots and lots of tourists. Got two massages.  Not very relaxing and too much focus on doing nasty things to feet.

Purchased fabulous six inch red platform heeled shoes with polkadot design (will get lots of use on dairy farm I’m sure).

(okay, so my shoes didn’t really come from Jimmy Choo)


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