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Get me away from these people!

By on September 8, 2013 in India with No Comments

Can you say: obnoxious? No, I don’t mean anyone Indian of course. I mean the who-can-piss-the-furthest-and-make-the-most-noise other people doing the run. Soooo ready to be out of here (Shillong) and get started. We are being escorted out in convoy by police today and after that we all go our separate ways – thank the lord. I’m pathetically anti-social. There was a party last night for the Rickshaw Runners and I lasted all of about five minutes.

A bit stressful as we haven’t yet started and our tank is on reserve and a tire is leaking.  Wanted to get gas but they won’t let us leave the parking lot yet and you can’t buy gas without a vehicle in case you happen to be a terrorist. Don’t quite get the logic to that unless maybe terrorists don’t own cars? We did manage to convince a cab to get us and our 100 pounds of luggage to the start line.  This time the driver drove forwards, which was a plus.  However the street was on fire. Not to worry, he just rode over it.

Have decided that driving in the parking lot is terrifying enough and will only venture behind the wheel when there are no people. Avoid one billion people, simple right?

The countdown begins…


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