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I dream of … cows

By on September 9, 2013 in India with No Comments

I’ve started taking malaria tablets, as one does when going to far-off lands. The doctor informed me these could cause wild dreams.  He said they could be very scary or very romantic. I said, what’s the difference?  Anyway, here’s a sample of my wild nightlife:

9/6 I left the hose on while power washing the house and it flooded the world.  Everyone died except Nathan who was wearing a top hat and had a nose made out of a long pretzel (he’d managed to procure a canoe).
9/7 The world was ending and I was supposed to write the Business Requirements Document for it (thanks Esurance for the residual work memories while I’m on vacation).  However, I’d written the BRD incorrectly so the launch was off schedule. We tried to stock up on food but the only thing left on the planet was salami.
9/8 I was taking a cow (the Indian variety) on MUNI but the cow ran out the back door and escaped into the city. I spent all day searching for that darn cow.
9/9 We left the hotel door unlocked and bandits came in and stole all our money (actually a true story, happened to my boss Krishnan).
9/10 We were in a large village in India and the entire town was having an underwear sale and it was gridlocked and impossible to pass through.
So much for romance.

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