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Rickshaw alive and well

By on September 6, 2013 in India with No Comments

Well, our rickshaw is alive and well! Managing blog posts and photos at the same time appears to be outside of my technical expertise, so imagine a little black rickshaw covered in the number pi. They did an excellent job, even using Times New Roman font like we requested. To Rick’s greatest chagrin, out of 399 decimal places they are missing two 3s and a 1. The rickshaw also works, which is a plus. Neutral is a bit hard to find so I’m just slowing down in whatever gear it happens to be in, and go figure, when you let out the clutch it stops itself. The engine looks in fairly good condition (like I could tell, but its not rusty). Might I say, getting a motorcycle license was utterly unnecessary.

I’m sitting in the back of the rickshaw now, chilling my lazy ass while Rick hooks up the sound system and light display.  Some mysterious combination of using the battery and lights to power everything.  They are giving us a lesson on how to fix the engine but I’m not paying the slightest bit of attention as it’d be in-one-ear-out-the-other.  We aren’t even out of the parking lot and people’s machines are breaking down (and turns out our battery is completely dead).  One guy has already crashed his and broken his arm, and sporting a big gash on his forehead.  People seem cool. Mostly (scruffy) Australians and (pasty white) English. Not many Americans besides the lady we meet in the visa office.  There are a pretty wide range of ages.  I thought we’d be the oldest but there’s even a team called The Traveling Seniors.  We met two ladies that look early fifties that are doing it for the second time (different route) and claim to have won last time.  It’s not supposed to be a race so I’ll settle for getting to the finish line alive, although chances are high I’ll die of smoke inhalation first.  They’ve got flowers all over their rickshaw so we found some and I made poor Rick put them all over the Pi-tuk too.  Not to worry – one guy in a team full of girls has to put up with pink unicorns painted all over theirs.

Fuck, I think there’s there’s a cockroach in my shoe.

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