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Unfortunately we have cursed Africa

If it’s not one thing it’s another.  Planning a trip in the middle of the worst Ebola crisis in the history of mankind has made it difficult to nail down a firm post-wedding itinerary. Our plans after leaving Mauritania, happily married la-la-la, were to travel on through the desert, crossing briefly into Mali

(as noted earlier, Timbuktu/Mali was our original wedding destination, but we moved it to Mauritania due to Al Qaeda and bandit activity and, more worrisome, the need to be escorted by armed guards and possibly make conversation).

From Mali we’d hoped to visit Neokolakoba (sp) park in Senegal to find monkeys (for me) and lions (for Rick (who wants to track them using their poop, which is just Canadian style weird)).  Then from Senegal down through Guinea, Sierra Leone (spend time volunteering there), up into Guinea again, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, The Gambia, Senegal again, and ship the vehicle back to Ireland from there.

However, we find that the destinations we have planned seem to be highly correlated with incidences of Ebola. We first noted Guinea, became suspicious when Sierra Leone showed fatalities, but now that Senegal been added to the list of affected countries we are downright certain that we have somehow cursed West Africa with our wedding plans.  If Gambia or Guinea Bissau report cases then you might not want to invite us over for tea – we are the harbingers of bad luck and may rain pestilence upon thee.

We are not so concerned about catching Ebola, chances are fairly slim, but many of the countries on our itinerary have begun to ban flights and close borders.  This makes traveling challenging and is quite upsetting as we have been planning this trip for a year and dreaming about it for ten.

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