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Is being on vacation supposed to be this stressful?

Is being on vacation supposed to be this stressful?

After our trip through Asia we will live in New Zealand for around ten months, and return to the States in a year. We’ve organized a crate to be shipped to NZ and the day before it is due to be picked up we realize we’ve forgotten everything. Customs declarations, preprinted packing labels, insurance…we have left everything to the last minute. The shipping company also tells us our wire transfer to pay for it all hasn’t come through. We struggle to fit our entire life into a 4x4x6 ft box that is to be picked up at 9am the next morning. I’m so concerned about running out of space I’m stuffing socks into icecream scoops. We wake at 5am to assemble the crate on the sidewalk. Fitting all the boxes is like level 15 of Tetris. At 9am we are panicking as we aren’t even close to being done. At 10am I breathe a sigh of relief because we are nearly there and at 11:30am we are finished, way off schedule. Fortunately the shipping company was also late, arriving at 12:30pm. At this point the neighbors think we are nuts, and the fact that the entire street is under construction for the next 17 months hasn’t helped any.

It turns out that the sum contents of our life cannot fit within a 4x4x6 box. I have so few things of worth that the crate is barely half full and Rick had to get a knife to cut down the sides so we aren’t rattling around on the ship. For the record, he packed a mountain bike, a guitar, a guitar amp, an archery bow, arrows, 12 watches, 23 knives, a toolset, 17 pairs of shoes, a computer, a huge monitor, a tripod, two camera lenses, stereo speakers, and a dead cat.

I packed $1,000 worth of cupcake supplies and three pairs of socks. Had I known we going to have so much space I would have added a hairbrush.

Fortunately everything is now in transit to New Zealand.

Oh hang on, did I say New Zealand? I meant South Carolina, the exact opposite direction it should be going. Despite me telling him I am sure they know what they are doing, Rick was so concerned he emailed the shipping company and told them they were sending it in the wrong direction. Now we know why it takes ten weeks to get there.

Anyway, the crate is off, the house is clean, our friend Lorne is moving in for a year, and we are currently waiting in Seoul (free internet access!) for five hours for the flight to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. In the spirit of keeping things simple I have packed all my supplies for our six week trip into a small back pack that I can lift with two fingers.


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