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Paradise take 2

Luang Prabang, Laos

Turns out Rick wasn’t tricking me this time and Luang Prabang was a little oasis that I recommend for anyone wanting a low cost, luxurious vacation. A few too many tourists, but the plus side is most locals speak some English (and many, great English) and the food is edible. Didn’t really matter to me either way, as I barely left the hotel, Burasari Heritage. Sick, sick, sick. Think I have Ebola, or zombie virus, or laryngitis.


Actually, for us it wasn’t super low cost because we stayed at a really nice hotel. Fortunately the prices were in USD, not kip, or I would have had a heart attack. Here’s a summary


Day 1: Amazing 3.5 hour spa treatment ($99)
– tea
– foot bath in cucumber water
– exfoliating scrub
– massage
– facial
– milk bath
– tea


Besides that I stay in bed all day. Rick ventures out. Is offered tuktuk ride. Then marijuana, opium, heroin by tuk tuk driver (hidden under seat of his tuktuk). $25 for opium apparently.


Day 2: Thai massage (ow)


Left hotel once to buy another wedding ring. The one Rick got me in a market in Marekesh broke after eleven months. This is about how much longer our marriage is going to last if he keeps arguing with me. For instance, over whether deep friend spring rolls are healthy (his position is yes). Engagement ring from market in India still going strong. Vendor tries to sell Rick opium pipe.


Day 3: Repeat Day 1 massage


Cannot talk. When I try comes out as embarrassing little squeak. Sounds much like pig squealing. Rick has taken to calling me ‘Piggy’. Also possibly because of the weight I have put on. Hard to stay healthy when you are eating out every night and sitting around all day. I would say I long for the days of Mongolia, except I don’t.


Day 4: is it possible to get addicted to massages? We slipped another one in before heading to the airport.


They had to pry my fingers away from the hotel room doorway when we left. Staff at the Burasari Heritage were amazing. Kept coming by to check on my health and offer me hot tea. The thought of being back on the road again is depressing. Want to curl up into little ball and stay here forever. Have vowed never to take another bus EVER. If I’m ever employable again I will be walking to work, can’t even face MUNI.


Even the airport in Luang Prabang is cute. Now flying to Siem Reap, Cambodia to go to Angkor Wat before heading to Phnom Penh. Polpot’s birthplace is about 2.5 hours north of Phnom Penh. That is, according to Google, the only map we can find that actually has the village on it. Because Cambodia’s language (Khmer) doesn’t naturally translates into Latin there are often multiple spellings of the same place. I’ve seen his birthplace written as Prek Sbav, Prek Sbov, and Prek Sbauv. We are hiring a motorcycle to get there so it’ll probably take about 8 hours, unless Rick crashes. Could go either way.

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