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Pam Collective Agreement

By on December 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

The Landesarbeitgeberamt (VTML) negotiates and concludes collective agreements for the 74,000 employees. As The Finnish collective bargaining system has traditionally been highly centralised, the national level has been the most important in defining the framework for changes in wages and working time. However, the withdrawal of the main high-level employers` organisation for collective bargaining at the central level in 2016 is expected to have an impact on the level of negotiations. The details of wages and working time are elaborated in agreements reached at a lower level. Sectoral agreements form the legal basis for employment contracts (Asplund, 2007). Traditionally, the agreement at the national level, after being approved by a sufficient number of sectoral organisations, sets the minimum conditions for changes in wages and working time. These guidelines must then be followed in sectoral agreements. For their part, contracts concluded at the enterprise level must be designed in accordance with inter-professional agreements in order to meet their requirements. No agreement is negotiated at the national level from 2017 and negotiations have been launched directly at the sectoral level. All employers have the right to be unified and membership in employers` organizations is voluntary in the private sector.

The density of employers` businesses was stable in the 2000s and was about 65% in 2013. There is a clear trend towards the merger of organizations, and that should continue. The relatively high density is probably related to the power that workers` organizations have in collective agreements. If you are a member of a union, you will almost certainly work under a collective agreement that details certain terms of employment. In the event of disagreement in the workplace over a collective agreement or its interpretation, or if it turns out that the agreement may have been broken, dispute resolution usually begins with negotiations in the workplace. Most collective agreements provide for an appeal procedure for the resolution of disputes relating to the application of the agreement in question. The gender pay gap in Finland was about 20% in the early years of the 21st century, but has narrowed slightly since 2017 to about 17% from 2017 (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, 2017). The Employment Contract Act and the Non-Discrimination Act require equal treatment of workers in all aspects of working life, including wages. The Gender Equality Act explicitly prohibits wage discrimination on the basis of sex. Employers with 30 or more employees are required, in collaboration with workers` representatives, to develop equality plans and conduct a wage review every two or three years. The wage review should include and compare data on the wages of men and women in “comparable” categories of workers. Collective agreements also set the framework for wages in different professions, which must be respected for all workers.

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