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Ucl Pay Framework Agreement

By on December 19, 2020 in Uncategorized

Communication (orally and in writing) Teamwork – Motivation Liaison – Networking Service Delivery Decision Planning – Organising Resources Initiative – Problem Solving Analysis – Research Sensory – Physical Demands Work Environment Pastoral Care – Welfare Team Development Teaching – Learning Support Knowledge – Experience The 14 elements Job Evaluation Process The department or department was assigned one month between October 2004 and March 2005 – A job description must be completed for all positions – these are assessed by a employment evaluation panel. How to do it – What you need to do, complete your JDO (2) – Useful to list your tasks on the last page as a starting point – Use your current job description to identify key tasks – Break down each main task into their components – Use the instructions to help you – Questions are just suggestions, which will help you think analytically – then recapitulating the activity for each relevant element – with a typical example UCL employment evaluation schedule – Employment Assessment from October 2004 to April/May 2005 (approximately 3,500 jobs) – Wage modelling for the new ranking structure New rating Structure and conditions agreed and implemented by August 2005 – Assimilation to a new salary scale – Appeal procedure – negotiated in spring 2005 Early October 2004 End of May 2005 Implementation August 2005 What happens next? The employment evaluation process will continue until April/May 2005 – New wage and salary structures will then be negotiated – UCL has estimated a total of 5.1% of the wage bill for the transfer to the new structure. In addition to the annual increases – UCL has given assurances on the shape of the new structure in negotiations with our unions – You will be informed in writing of your new rank – The aim is to implement the new structure on August 1 2005 the role of the manager – Ensuring that JDOs are completed by the deadline – Checking the JDO – JDO can be strengthened and strengthened on August 1, 2005 as several incumbents Roles – Approve the opening of their duties – Each has a copy of the JDO in sight – All role-holders must approve final – Consider each of the 14 items carefully and provide a full report on your work – Your ranking ultimately depends on the evidence contained in the JDO – You receive a credit for false evidence awarded – It does not matter who concludes the JDO – the holder of the role or the manager – it must be approved and approved by both – and also, in some cases, the a real example of a task: to ensure that contracts and agreements meet the needs of JDO Elements users: `Communication ` Liaison ` Networking – Delivery – Delivery – Decision-making Example Response – Liaison – Networking Liaise regularly with suppliers and users to verify that contracts and agreements meet the needs of users. B a continuous improvement process is carried out.

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