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Weekend Agreement

By on December 20, 2020 in Uncategorized

i) The health center plans to release every other weekend.ii) … (iii) When a health centre staff member is required to work two or more consecutive weekends, the worker is compensated, pursuant to Section 14.03, for the working time performed on 2 [2. ] and for each consecutive weekend up to a weekend off. The advance was processed by the employee in order to meet certain days of leave required by such a worker; or B) that the worker requested in writing an extension of the weekend`s work; Or C) such a weekend is worked with another employee following a change of position. [Added highlight] You can customize your program to create the best for your child. Here are some examples of how to adjust the weekend program. The dispute erupted in February 2012, when the health centre switched offices to pay premiums to caregivers who voluntarily work two or more consecutive weekend shifts. Prior to this period, when a nurse was offered an extra extra-programmed position, which led the nurse to work two or more consecutive weekends, the health centre would pay the nurse for the second and each consecutive weekend. On the basis of the Guelph General Hospital decision, Adjudicator Parmar concluded that the correct interpretation of the word “planned” excludes positions worked as a result of the offer of a nurse and the approval of a particular position. This conclusion was supported by the health centre`s assertion that the collective agreement clearly distinguishes between scheduled and “unforeseen hours.” “Unforeseen hours” were identified in the collective agreement as available hours after the calendar was booked and then offered to employees. According to the arbitrator, this clearly showed that the parties understood that there were two categories of hours worked, programmed and unscheduled. The parties` choice to use the term “planned” in point (iii) may only mean that they do not refer to the proposed “unforeseen hours” after the calendar is published.

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