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Google Chrome End User License Agreement

By on April 9, 2021 in Uncategorized

5.1 You grant Google and its related companies a worldwide license, non-exclusive and free: (a) Host, link to, copy, translation, public execution, advertising, testing, distribution and other use of products and other content content content contained in the products on which they access or are transferred to the products, depending on the publication options you have selected on the store`s product download page , and (b) , conduct, show and use the product for administrative and demonstration purposes in the operation and marketing of the Web Store. In the event that your product is unintentionally removed because it is defective, malicious, violated another person`s intellectual property rights, defames, violates a third party`s right to publicity or privacy or does not comply with applicable laws, and an end user acquired this product in the year prior to the date of support ( (i) You must refund to Google all amounts received, receive all amounts received. , plus all related fees (i.e. refund and payment transaction fees) and (ii) Google may deprive your future sales of the subsection amount (i). You may terminate this contract within the notice period provided in this section. The termination in this section takes effect 15 days after this notification. 7.2 Google Review and Takedowns. Although Google is not required to monitor products or their content, Google may at any time verify or test your products and their source code as a result of this agreement, the Google Chrome Web Store policy and all other applicable conditions, obligations, laws or regulations, and use automated means to perform such verification. Google reserves the right to refuse to include a product in the Web Store. You may need to provide information about yourself (for example.

B identification or contact data) as part of the Web Store registration process or as part of the continued use of the Services. You agree that all the information you give to Google is always correct, accurate and up-to-date. As part of your product specifications, Google may ask you to include your product information, such as your name and email address, in the file. Google may use this information if the product is used in our directory or for other purposes. If Google is informed by you or receives any other information and finds that a product, part or part of that product or your brand characteristics; (a) violate intellectual property or other rights of third parties; (b) violates applicable law or is subject to an injunction; (c) pornographic, obscene or otherwise contrary to Google`s hosting policies or other terms of use that may be updated from time to time by Google; (d) that you do not publish or broadcast inappropriately; (e) may create liability for Google or third parties; (f) is considered by Google to be a virus or as a malware, spyware or a negative effect on the network of Google or a third party; (g) violates the terms of this agreement or the policies of the Google Chrome Web Store program; or (h) that the product display affects the integrity of Google servers (i.e. users cannot access or have other difficulties), Google may prevent the product from being made available on the Web Store, the product being removed from the Web Store, the product being remotely disabled or removed from user systems or devices. , or corresponding materials (including: , but not limited to descriptions) labeling, filtering, modifying screenshots or metadata) or reclassifying the product.

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