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Ticketing Services Agreement

By on April 13, 2021 in Uncategorized provides the following services (“Services”) under this contract: (i) posting and listing your event on the website at the following global web address:; (ii) take and process online orders for tickets for your event and, if you choose the “Full Service” payment settlement option described in Section 2.1, process all credit card payments and other payments to that event on your behalf; and (iii) provide you with a bill of our fees and fees for each ticket we sell. If you choose the “self-service” option for payment processing, as described in section 2.2 below, you process all payments through your PayPal account or associated stripe account, if you choose the “Full Service” payment settlement option, payments are processed through the gateway Regulations via (the “gateway”). For more information, see you understand and acknowledge that owns confidential, non-public and exclusive business secrets and information (all “confidential information”) and recognize that the services we provide involve the provision of confidential information, including, but not only: (i) customer names, mail addresses and other identifiable personal information; (ii) sales; (iii) market demographics; (iv) pricing; and (v) business strategy and that the value and competitive position depends in part on the confidentiality of this confidential information. You agree to do your best to protect our confidential information and implement security measures to keep this confidential information confidential. Except on the basis of a court order or prior written consent on our part, you agree not to disclose, distribute, sell, concede, delegate, transfer or disseminate confidential information to third parties, or authorize an unauthorized party to verify and/or reproduce that you will not disclose, disseminate and/or reproduce reports, documents, transfers or data containing confidential information that we establish or possess. If, in accordance with court proceedings, you are invited to disclose confidential information, you will notify us immediately so that we can prepare a response to these legal proceedings and cooperate with our efforts to obtain an appropriate protection decision. You grant us a limited, global and free license to defame and use your company or organization name, logos and brands (and to authorize our service providers and media) in advertising or advertising media, in all media (including printing and the Internet), available now or after the fact to qualify you as customers and/or to describe our services.

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