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Vacation Rental Agreement Arizona

By on April 14, 2021 in Uncategorized

PETS (including service animals): Pets are not allowed in most elite Vacational Renterties products. This pet directive does not apply to documented pets, but additional documentation may be required. The tenants and all other Guest guests herely acknowledge that if the tenant has indicated that a pet is staying in the unit, the tenant will agree to pay an additional rent of $5 per pet per day in the pet`s rent. NOTE: The definition of “fart” is any living animal. All animals must be pre-authorized by management before moving in. The pet`s rent is not refunded if the pet no longer lives on the site and is not reimbursed at the end of the lease. Unauthorized pets on the site may be the cause of the immediate evacuation and forfeiture of all bonds. A violation of this directive carries a minimum penalty of $250 per deposit, plus actual damages for the offence. The tenant undertakes to take appropriate measures to control and care for their pet at all times. They also agree to immediately prevent signs of damage to animals and report them to management. The notification represents the owner`s permission to enter the facility to control it. The tenant agrees to keep the house in a cleaning and obligations of the tenant with regard to the pet (S), pet removal/medical care: tenants agree to take care of their pets and remove pets when their rental period is over. If the tenant does not immediately remove the pet at the time of departure, the owner agrees that the owner has the right to remove the pet and make alternative arrangements for the maintenance of that pet at the tenant`s expense alone! If the owner determines that the pet should be removed due to behaviours that affect that pet, the tenant agrees that they remove the pet immediately if the incident poses a health or safety problem, and no more than 10 days if there is another reason to require the removal of the pet.

The tenant agrees that the landlord may enter the house without notice to a tenant/guest if he has a reasonable feeling that the animal is in distress, that he is injured and that medical care is necessary or abandoned. If the animal needs medical attention, the owner can immediately remove the animal and seek medical attention. The tenant is responsible for all medical expenses or expenses on board this animal. The tenant abs ordts the lessor of any liability or damage that the animal is performing or causing in the performance of these declared obligations, unless these actions of the lessor are deliberately and intentionally harmful to the animal. The owner`s decision to enter and remove the animal or seek medical attention is left to the owner`s discretion. Other: The tenant recognizes that the owner is not a tenant`s wealth insurer and is encouraged to have insurance to cover any losses or responsibilities that may result from the pet`s actions. In addition, the tenant undertakes to exempt and compensate the landlord and his representatives for any claim, including legal fees, which may be caused to the tenant as a result of the careless or intentional actions of the tenant`s pet or the pet of his guests. The tenant is responsible for not complying with these conditions. The landlord and his representatives are not liable to the tenant or his clients or third parties for damages resulting from any animal matter other than the owner`s intentional act. The lessor may impose or modify the rules and regulations concerning pets with a written notification of thirty days to the tenant and these rules and regulations will become a part of this addendum and fully applicable, including, but not limited to the imposition of fines and the obligation for the tenant to provide and pay DNA tests of the free state of the fart.debris and to withdraw every day all the

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