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Tutor Agreement Template

By on October 12, 2021 in Uncategorized

To do this, both private teachers and students need a clear understanding of their responsibilities and develop a relationship of mutual trust. Fees are charged at a rate of ($_________Dollar per hour). There is no additional charge for the tutor`s preparation period. Each party is responsible for its own costs related to Internet data and software/subscriptions in order to facilitate online tutoring. * The tutor may not assign any of his obligations or obligations arising from this tutoring contract to third parties without the written permission of the student. This type of agreement contains clauses that cover the hours of classes that take place either on the teacher`s premises or at the student`s home. (This form of agreement is not suitable for a guardian who gives lessons to a homeschooled child). The goal of a successful tutoring contract is to achieve the goals and meet the expectations of both the learner and the tutor. * The student undertakes to help the tutor identify problem areas in which the student needs private lessons. It is important to clarify your payment terms and the prices of each tutoring service. How do your students pay: online, PayPal or cash? Be sure to determine if they are paying for the lesson or for a full course. A course could be a 10-hour package, which can include a 10% discount. In this way, your customers are fully aware of what they have to pay if they agree to collaborate with you and your service.

Please attach the details of the late cancellation. What will happen if the student does not cancel in time? This agreement on private (minor) (self-employed) teachers is suitable for use if the tutor is an individual contractor who personally subcontracts a contract with a client. (If the tutor works rather through a company, the accompanying document for use in this case should be used by the company). If you want to offer online and not face-to-face teaching sessions, you should instead use the website`s terms of sale presentation – online teaching (minors) (B2C) in our Online Professional Services Website Terms of Sale (B2C) subfolder. This model does not indicate a specific subject to be taught, but it is suitable for teaching in all subjects that are normally taught in schools in the UK. If for some reason tutoring cannot be done face-to-face, in accordance with our agreement above, online tutoring can be a great alternative. There are a variety of platforms to facilitate this….

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