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Workplace Based Learning Programme Agreement

By on October 16, 2021 in Uncategorized

Once the end date specified in an agreement has been reached, Set A: Once a learner has signed an agreement, the employer must place the learner in the appropriate workplace learning program with reservation until the registration and compliance process of Set A. If the learner is unemployed before the contract is signed, an employment contract is concluded when the learner is conditionally accepted into the apprenticeship programme. The Workplace Learning Program agreement and all supporting documents must be received within 30 business days of the learner`s signature date. If the submission of the originally completed agreement is not submitted within 30 business days, the application will be closed. Upon receipt of the agreement completed in the original and supporting documents, the competent SETA will confirm receipt in writing, indicating the date of receipt. This is only the confirmation that the document has been received by SETA, SETA still needs to review the document to register learners. If setA refuses to register the agreement, the employer must terminate the learner`s conditional placement, whether or not funding is secured. Any supplier that is a party to the agreement is accredited or the components and that have signed an annex to the agreement. The definition of the tutorials has been extended by: The start date of the agreement is determined by the date on which SETA registers the agreement. Tagged: acceptance, administration, agreement, based, CCMA, contract, dismissal, employer, work, right, learners, learners, SETA, unfair, workplace Ensure that the accreditation status of the supplier parties is maintained during the term of the agreement. `Article 5(5) (7 Unless otherwise agreed by the contracting parties, a contract of employment concluded with a learner pursuant to Article 18(2) shall be concluded only after SETA has registered an apprenticeship contract in respect of the learner.` One of the employers is indicated in the agreement as a manager and that employer is geographically located in South Africa; Once seta has registered the agreement, the employer must confirm the learner`s placement. .

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