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About Us

Engagement - 09/19/2013

You might say that this all started September 19, 2013. That was the day I proposed to Justine, on the balcony of a 600 year old fort in the western Indian desert town of Jaisalmer. We had just completed a 2,700 km adventure, crossing India in a 3-wheeled motorized rickshaw. I figured if we made it alive, and were still in love, I would pop the question. Oddly, Justine didn’t seem terribly surprised, and said yes! We decided that Timbuktu would be the place for the wedding, or maybe Ouagadougou as a back up.

Of course, it goes back much further than that, for both of us. For me, back to childhood days spent pouring over National Geographic’s, dreaming of Africa and the vast Sahara desert. After we met, back in September of 2012, we soon discovered a mutual sense of adventure, and a longing to travel North and West Africa on our own. In some way, our paths have been destined to intermingle, and us to join…


IMG_0002.jpg Justine Cutler – Hi, I’m Justine. I grew up in New Zealand, but moved to San Francisco 18 years ago which seems to have become home.  I love adventures, whether it be volunteering in Sierra Leone, trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, or driving across India in a rickshaw. Our next one is going to be a best ever! Sahara here we come!

Rick Rick Kubin – So, a bit about me. I’m a Canadian, and while I have been through many jobs and careers, I am trained as a mechanical engineer, and probably relate to that more than anything. My life has changed completely in the last 16 months, but that is part of the subject of my first book, so no spoilers here. Suffice to say that I have met the girl of my dreams and am launching on the adventure of a lifetime. At least until the next one. Assuming we are not captured by Al-Qaeda and beheaded.