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This website is a chronicle of our journeys – past, present and future – including to the Sahara and West Africa, November to December 2014. We included information on our planning and organization, as we have found valuable information on the web, but it is often hard to put it all together. This included three wedding ceremonies – two in Mauritania, and the “real” one (with legal documentation) in New Zealand on December 24th, 2014.

Look for info and posts on our next adventure at our new page – 4 Dictators, 2 Horses and a Sinking Boat!

Enormous Man Feet!

Pingyao to Xi’an Left Pingyao today. Taxi back to the bus station was 1/3 the cost coming in, go figure. We picked a nice hotel to stay in, still only $50, that on the outside was night and day to the last ger in Mongolia. In Xi’an we saw the Terracotta Army. These are life-sized […]

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Dinner for fish

Dinner for fish

Day 13: Beijing to Ping Yao After two whole days rest we’re off again, to Ping Yao, an ancient walled city about four hours on the high speed rail (300kms/hr!). We wind our way in the sea of minnows to the checking turnstile in Beijing. For some reason everyone queues up in long lines way […]

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Day 12: Beijing Our goals today: Peking duck and train tickets for our next stop, Ping Yao. We start with train tickets, a most painful experience. We get to the train station having been told to look for the English speaking counter #16. There are at least three counters with a 16 on them, all with […]

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…in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

Day 11: Beijing We start the day with a mission in mind, the Forbidden City. An emperors’ residence from the Ming Dynasty 1420 to the end of the Qing Dynasty, 1912. It is called Forbidden, because no one could enter or leave without the emperor’s permission. The only males allowed in the city were eunuchs, […]

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Day 10: Mongolia/China border to Beijing After the last ten days any post would have the same name. After about one second across the border I was ready to move to China, get a job, and learn to speak Mandarin. The first thing I noticed about China was how efficient it was AND we received […]

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What’s worse than 10 hours staring at Mongolian countryside?

Day 9: Ulaan Baatar to Mongolia/China border crossing Can you believe we escaped? To summarize, Five great things about Mongolia: 1. Mostly nice people proud of their heritage 2. Direct flights out to Seoul 3. Direct Trans-Mongolian railroad to Beijing 4. 5.   Things to avoid in Mongolia: 1. Mongolia I’m really excited because we […]

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Shattered romance

Day 8: Poo-ville to Ulaan Baatar Okay maybe there was an excessive amount of poo talk in Day 7, but you have to realize there is just nothing else here. Poo and grass, grass and poo. Plus I am traumatized and cannot rebuild my life until I verbalize the atrocities of the last 24 hours. […]

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“It’s raining poo, hallelujah!”

Day 7: Camp Spot #3 Siberian Border to Middle of Nowhere Poo-ville It’s a two day journey back to Ulaan Baatar which is about as interesting as the journey in besides the fact that it has started to rain. We’ve patched ourselves up with as much gauze as we can find, but the bumpy, spine-jarring […]

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Horse be gone!

Day 6:  Camp Spot #2 Middle of Nowhere to Camp Spot #3 – the Siberian Border The bad news is we have a day’s riding with gangrenous bums. The good news is, this will be the last day on horseback! Thank the village spirits. We’ve been traveling towards the brown border line for a while […]

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Gangrene anyone?

Day 5: Camp Spot 1 Middle of Nowhere to Camp Spot 2 Middle of Nowhere Unfortunately Rick’s Mongolian Horse Flu had subsided and he was up to continue riding the next day. Dammitdammitdammit I was hoping he’d been struck by a deadly but temporary illness that would cause us to have to recuperate in a […]

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